Commercial Chickens for Sale at the 'Point of Lay'


PLEASE NOTE: From January 2014 we no longer supply 'garden poultry.' We continue to supply Lohmann Brown Hens at Point of Lay to Commercial farms - for delivery only - in quantities of 10 hens or more.

Lohmann Brown Hen and Egg

We would like to say a very big, 'Thank You' to the many customers who have supported Colehurst Laying Hens since we were founded in 2008. We valued your custom, and we hope that your hens are thriving.


The time has come, however, for us to retire from part of this business. Sadly we will no longer be holding garden poultry at our Shropshire base, so we can no longer supply small numbers of hens for domestic customers.

We still provide a service to commercial customers who are looking to source commercial laying flocks of between 10 and 1,000 Lohmann Brown hens. 

Call Sue now on 07802 540402

All our hens have been fully vaccinated against the most common poultry diseases. 


The Lohmann Brown is a hybrid hen with characteristics from Rhode Island Red and White Sussex varieties. She is similar to a Warren Hen. She is a very sturdy, and friendly bird, easy to handle, comfortable in the British climate, and an excellent egg-layer, ideally suited for domestic or small scale use. She will lay beautiful large brown eggs with strong shells and an excellent flavour. If you keep your birds well fed and healthy, then you should get around 330 or more eggs a year (almost an egg a day) at her peak of lay.



We can usually supply Lohmann Brown hens for most months of the year. Call us to check availability and to arrange to collect your birds 07802 540402

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